Action media has always been something I’ve really enjoyed. It started when I was 13 and I used to mail order 411VM skate videos on VHS from CSS. As my interests evolved as I got older, the subject matter changed. But, my love for a good video has always stayed strong.

Producing these mini skydiving cuts is a creative outlet for me. In a life filled with logic and order, the sky is a place where I can exercise a bit of creativity. Even after a weekend of skydiving is over, compiling the footage is a way to relive those moments in the sky.

The clips that make me smile and give me goosebumps are always the ones where there is some sort of human connection in the sky. The high fives, the smiles, and the invisible communication that happens during freefall. This edit was so fun because I could feel all these things as I was editing the footage.

This video is a reminder of how to have fun in the sky. Things don’t always have to be about progression. It’s okay to just have fun once in a while. These shorts are not on the cutting edge of flying or of the highest quality. But that’s never been my goal. It all boils down to expression and sharing. Sharing special moments like these with our community helps keep the circle of stoke strong.

Blue skies. – @klaasic

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