I recently visited Red Rock Canyon located near Las Vegas, Nevada. Within Red Rock, there is a popular canyon called “Pine Creek Canyon“. This canyon is home to several world-class, traditional, multi-pitch rock climbs. This video describes the orientation of the canyon and provides information on a few of these classics: Birdland (5.7+), Dark Shadows (5.8), Community Pillar (5.9), and Cat in the Hat (5.6) to name a few.

I hope this video gives you a “lay of the land” and get’s you stoked on exploring Red Rock!

Update: I recently returned to Pine Creek Canyon and climbed Birdland (5.7+). It was an awesome route. Highly recommended. Just get an early start and be first on route!

In addition to Birdland (5.7+), we also climbed The Great Red Book (5.8), Ragged Edges (5.8), and Chrysler Crack (5.9). All of these are great climbs. I highly recommend all of these.

If you have any questions about the area, feel free to comment. I love engaging with people about their adventures!