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The Circle of Stoke

The Circle of Stoke is a lifestyle. The idea is simple. When you engage in the activities you love, you feel stoked. When you share those experiences with others, it creates an energy cycle called the Circle of Stoke.

Stoke: Being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

The Meaning

Imagine that you are hiking and you discover a beautiful canyon. You explore the canyon, take a few pictures, and hike back to camp. You can hardly wait to tell your best friend about this magnificent canyon. No doubt, you are stoked. When you get back to camp, you excitedly tell your friend about the canyon. You show them the pictures and tell them about the towering sandstone walls. Your friend agrees that the canyon looks like quite the sight. Soon, they start to feel stoked about your discovery. They suggest that the both of you return to the canyon first thing in the morning. You agree. The Circle of Stoke energy cycle starts to build.

In the morning, you return to the canyon together just as the sun is peaking over the horizon. As the sunlight peers into the canyon, the sandstone walls turn vibrant orange. The frogs are croaking. The sound of the creek trickles ever so slightly. You look at your friend with a huge grin. You can see that they are overwhelmed with joy. The Circle of Stoke energy cycle is now in full swing. The connected feeling that you feel with your friend in this moment is the Circle of Stoke.

The Circle of Stoke can only be formed when you share experiences. It can manifest in many different ways. However, the concept is the same. Get stoked. Share your stoke. Feel even more stoked. Repeat.